Roof repair specialists in Spokane

                                How a Roof Repair Specialist Makes Your Life Easier

         Our roof repair specialists at Advance Roofing Company are always ready to help you if you need information about the roof issues. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Considering the roof problems, damage to the roof, such as, for example, leaks, violation of the integrity of the roofing, rotted support beams and other problems associated with the installation of additional roof elements, can lead to serious consequences. In cases where roof repair  no longer feasible, a complete replacement of the roof is essential, which, as a rule, is accompanied by the re-installation of thermal insulation, waterproofing of the truss system or a screed with a slope, if we are talking about flat roofs.

         For pitched roofs: An indicator of the imperfection of the old coating of metal roofing can be a leak or loss of color, known as fading of the roof. However, in such cases, it is also necessary to look at the severity of the problem. It is likely that only a few coating elements that do not touch most of the roof and do not threaten its destruction need to be replaced or patches installed. In case of local damage, the dismantling of damaged elements, for example, tile sheets, will help prevent further leakage of the structure and in this case, work on capital replacement of the roof of the building is not required. Our roof repair specialists at Advance Roofing LLC are offering free roofing calculator that you can use anytime.

A more serious indicator is the cracks that occur on the roofing. The damage, especially deep, indicates the deterioration of the roof and, accordingly, the need for its complete replacement.

         For flat roofs: The following points serve as an indicator of the completion of the work on the complete replacement of the roofing pie:

Broken slopes, thanks to which water does not drain from the roof into the drainage system, but stagnates on it, thereby destroying the protective waterproofing coating 5 times faster; More than 40{d34e970905a127241578b21e2b659fc4bfdd66d4d06e0f7f9cc3932abb81853b} damage to the waterproofing layer; Problems with thermal insulation inside the roofing pie. If there is a broken or missing thermal insulation from the outside of the roof located above a heated room in a private house or an administrative building, due to the difference in temperatures inside the room, condensation will form, which can lead to increased humidity, fungus and mold, dangerous to human health. If you notice anything mentioned above you can reach our roofing specialists anytime.

         Partial replacement of the roof avoids the process of disassembling the old structure and significantly reduces the cost of construction work. For example, it will not be possible to lay metal or ceramic tiles on top of a coating of wavy slate. It is also not recommended to use soft shingles as a new coating, since problems may arise with its attachment to the roof surface. Anyway, if you have more questions about the roof repair do not hesitate to contact us.