Items You Shouldn’t Store Next To Your Wine

Many wine enthusiasts place their wine glass storage cabinet in an easily accessible place in their home; however, there are a few items and appliances you shouldn’t store next to your wine. Moreover, items that create unfavourable conditions for your vintage can alter the flavours and aromas of your wine. Furthermore, it is best to store your wine in a built-in wine climate cabinet that will maintain the perfect temperature and humidity for your wine.

Kitchen disturbances

People often keep their wine cabinets in the kitchen for convenience; however, kitchens are often bright and warm rooms that can hinder the quality of your wine. Moreover, heat and direct sunlight can disturb your wine’s ageing process and chemical reactions. Consequently, these factors will alter the flavours and aromas of your favourite vintages. Furthermore, the heat from the oven can very quickly affect the quality of your wine, even if you store the bottles in a wine cabinet. In addition, don’t store your wine in the kitchen refrigerator where you keep your food items. Foods with strong smells, like garlic, herbs, and onions, will permeate the bottle and alter the flavours of the wine. Overall, keeping the wine cabinet out of the kitchen is best.

In addition to the kitchen, keep your wine storage space away from busy doorways. Frequently opened and closed doors will cause vibrations that will disturb the wine. Furthermore, repeatedly opening and closing doors will lead to the temperature of the room fluctuating as heat enters or exits the room. Either way, temperature changes can have a negative effect on your wine. Furthermore, keep your wine collection away from windows. Windows will allow direct sunlight to reach the wine, which will also alter the flavours and aromas of your wine. The rule of thumb for wine storage is to store your glass in a dark, temperature-regulated area. Overall, wine can be sensitive to heat and light, so avoid those factors.

Stay away from busy household appliances.

In addition to heat and sunlight, vibrations are also a wine’s enemy. Therefore, keep your wine collection away from the washing machine, which will give off vibrations while in use. These vibrations will disturb the chemical reactions in the wine and may lead to your vintage gaining an unfavourable flavour and aroma. In addition, if you have a designated area where you exercise, keep your wine storage away from these areas. Those impressive jumping jacks and cardio skills will act as a disturbance to your wine as well. Overall, keep your wine in a place where it is least likely to be disturbed. For example, store your wine in the basement or a wine fridge where your vintage will be protected from heat, direct sunlight, temperature fluctuations or unfavourable temperatures, and other disturbances that would hinder the quality of your wine.

Final Notes

In short, knowing what not to keep next to your glass will enhance your wine experience. Furthermore, storing your wine in an exclusive, dark, and peaceful location will ensure that your vintage retains its peak quality. So remember to take care of your wine and avoid any items and areas that could ruin your favourite vintage and perfect evening.