Start a Healthy Life With 8 Ways to Maintain Indoor Air Quality and Freshness

Come on, start living a healthy life with the quality and fresh air in the room!

Smooth air circulation will definitely improve the air quality in your room.

Well, the good air quality in this room actually affects the health of the body. If you breathe fresh air a lot, your body will be more relaxed and you will feel more comfortable in the room!

Do you want to have a well-ventilated room? There are many simple ways to do this.

8 ways to keep the air quality and freshness in the room

You can keep the air quality and freshness in the room so you can feel at home. Which? See the simple method below!

1. Make sure the room is properly ventilated

A satisfactory ventilation system is one of the conditions for good indoor air circulation and for keeping it fresh. It is important here if you are building a room or have recently become a resident of a boarding house.

How do you know that a room is well ventilated? Each room here should have at least one or two ventilation systems depending on the size of the room.

Therefore, in order to maintain clean air, you must regularly check the ventilation conditions.

Don’t let the ventilation holes in your home get dusty as they have not been cleaned before. Obviously, this can degrade the air quality in the room.

2. Install active air vents

If you find an unventilated room, you must install an USB fan.

The USB fan itself acts as active ventilation that keeps proper air circulation in and out of the room.

In addition to USB fans, air conditioners or air conditioners have the same role in maintaining indoor air circulation. However, USB fans can be used as an option for active ventilation at a lower cost and is more economical.

3. Regular maintenance of air conditioners or fans

Not only do you turn on the air conditioner and fan, but you should also routinely clean the air conditioner, USB fan, or room fan.

The air conditioner is equipped with a filter that filters out the impurities in the air. If not cleaned or maintained regularly, it will damage the filter and even the air conditioner and cause indoor air pollution

Also, the USB fan and the fans will become dust if they are rarely cleaned. Don’t wait for it to crash, then service it!

4. Opening doors and windows

Make sure your bedroom doors and windows are open regularly, especially in the morning and evening. This is done to exchange the air in a room full of “toxins” with fresh, clean air.

Opening a window can also reduce the humidity that builds up in a room and affect your health.

Even in the morning, this is very beneficial for health. The body needs sunlight in the morning to produce vitamin D3, which is then converted into vitamin D. The best time to get out in the sun is before 9 AM.

5. Clean the dust

Dusty room air is an indication of poor air quality. With poor air circulation, clean rooms are rarely the culprits.

Make sure there is dust from various items in the room that are rarely cleaned, such as mattresses, blankets and carpets that can be carried through the air.

To keep the air in the room clean, clean it regularly with a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner. You can clean all the gaps in the hard-to-reach room.

6. Use an air purifier

In addition to being sophisticated, air purification technology now has many functions, such as removing bacteria, mold, and removing odors, toxins or other pollutants from the air.

No wonder this device is now the mainstay of keeping fresh air indoors and outdoors. Although it is not cheap, it is very beneficial and can be a long-term health investment for you.

7. Preserving ornamental plants

If air purifiers are too expensive for you, keeping a variety of ornamental plants in the room can be a cheaper option, you know!

Plants photosynthesize to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and provide good oxygen in the room. Choose houseplants that don’t need a lot of sunlight to last longer.

8. Clean up garbage regularly

In fact, garbage in a room is something I often underestimate. However, if it is rarely cleaned, it can degrade the indoor air quality.

Get rid of garbage like food scraps and food wrappers that have accumulated in the trash. In addition to causing an unpleasant odor, rubbish “deposited” can contaminate the air in a room and cause illness.

In addition to regular cleaning of litter, it is a good idea to choose a closed trash bin so that unpleasant odors and bacteria do not spread. You can see this video