How to make your home secure

Research shows that the average British house is secure, but could be made more secure. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t only focus on decorating both the exterior and interior of your home, but also put security measures in place.

In addition to other ways listed here, you would have more rest of mind if your house is covered by a good insurance policy from a reliable insurance company. You can get a good policy and reliable insurance company by reading home insurance comparison UK online reviews on BritainReviews. Here are tips for making your home secure and resistant:

Secure your doors and windows

Ensure you lock your doors always, or else, a burglar could stroll into your home through the front door. Inspect your doors and check for weak frames and unprotected hinges. If you are buying a home from another person, change the locks. This way, you won’t be sharing key to your house with strangers. Also, use strike plates and a video doorbell.

If you have sliding glass doors, ensure you reinforce them. for the windows, beef up the manufacturer latches with locks. Reinforce the glass with a security film and install window break sensors. If your home is on the first floor, plant prickly bushes under the windows.

Light your landscape

Unscrupulous elements who need no invitation or permission to break into peoples houses hate being in the spotlight. Flood your landscape with lights so that you can keep bad folks at bay. Near the garage, pathways, backyards, etc. place lights. This way, you will not only make bad folks skittish to come near your house but also reduce your risk of falling on the steps.

Secure your garage

Garages are becoming more popular entry points to your home. Even if they cannot access the inside of your house from your garage, there are chances you have good stuff too in your garage. They could cart those away. If you open your garage manually, keep the opener in your house. If you use a security code, don’t share the code with others and don’t enter in front of other people. Secure the garage doors with more locks and cover the windows to hide the stuff inside. Install security cameras too.

Lock your Wi-Fi

Your wireless network is another way bad folks gain access to your home. If you use smart home appliances or home automation, anyone who lay hands on your personal information through your Wi-Fi can easily access your home. But don’t make yourself vulnerable. Secure your wireless network and enable WPA2 encryption. Install antivirus protection on your devices and ensure your passwords are stronger than anyone could guess.

Eliminate every hiding place

You likely want to use trees and shrubs to improve your home’s curb appeal, but that could also be a hiding place for burglars. Instead of tress, opt for smaller bushes and flowers close to your home. if you have trees near your windows, cut the trees or reinforce the windows with extra security.

Put away ladders and stools, if there are gates or sheds or other buildings on your property, ensure you lock them uptight. Don’t leave pricey things in your yard so that you won’t attract thieves. Keep such things permanently out of sight.