9 Ways to Care for Freezers at Home to Last Long Years

Freezers can help us to maintain the freshness of food ingredients such as meat, frozen foods, vegetable, or fruits. That way can make food stored in it more durable for family consumption.

Do you belong to a householder who often uses the freezer to store raw materials? There are many ways you know to make the freezer not easily damaged. If any damage occurs, just contact and use the best Appliance Repair Calgary services.

Check out the easy ways to care for the freezer below.

1. Install at -18 Degrees Celsius

According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), food stored in freezers must be at -18 degrees Celsius. Because the possibility of bacteria multiplying will be very small.

However, this will not apply if the food before it is put into the freezer has been exposed to bacteria. Because these bacteria can still live. Don’t forget to check the freezer once a week using a thermometer.

2. Fill the freezer according to its capacity

In order to freeze various foods evenly and stably, never fill the freezer completely. Moreover, exceeding its capacity. How to care for the freezer like that can make the cooling element in the refrigerator must adjust in tight conditions.

However, don’t also leave your freezer empty. Because the impact will make the materials in it freeze and the refrigerator will be easily damaged.

3. How to Care Freezers Routinely Cleaning Frost

Cleaning the ice regularly will make the freezer last for years, you know. If the freezer has too much frost, the food and drinks you store in it will be difficult to freeze. Frost should also be cleaned before thick or too much. Clean it with a blunt object.

4. Keep the freezer free from heat sources

If the freezer is placed next to or near a heat source such as a stove or oven, its performance in freezing food will be disrupted. Freezers work extra and lead to premature damage.

5. Store Food in a Closed Container

The next way to care for the freezer so it is not easily damaged is to always remember to put food that will be put in a closed container. Food durability will increase and the freezer will be neater.

6. Don’t get too close to the wall

Furthermore, the correct way to use the freezer is that you should not put it close to the wall. This is often forgotten by people.

Why can’t the freezer be placed near the wall? Because every freezer must have a grill. The grill is part of the freezer which is useful as a stream of hot air coming from the condenser. If hot air is trapped inside the freezer work will also be disrupted.

7. Separate Different Types of Food

How to properly care for the freezer so that the level of hygiene is maintained is not to combine one type of food in one container. Store beef, poultry, and fish in separate containers.

If you want to save the remaining side dishes, you should heat them up first and wait for them to cool. Then, save it in the food box and put it in the freezer.

8. How to care for the freezer when the power fails

When the lights go out, you should not open the freezer. Keep the freezer closed to keep food frozen while possible. As long as the product is frozen when the electricity is restored, the product is safe and can remain in it. However, if the finished product melts in the freezer when the electricity goes out, you should immediately remove it for consumption.

9. Avoid Storing Food While Still Hot

Tips on caring for the freezer so that it lasts for years is to avoid storing foods and drinks that are still hot. Wait a few minutes for the food and drink to cool. Therefore, the hot air in the freezer cabin will accelerate the appearance of frost.